First-Coder Teamspeak³ Webinterface

The Teamspeak³ web interface of First-Coder is one of the most comprehensive interfaces available in the Teamspeak area. In addition, this product is completely free of charge. The interface offers a completely self-developed user management system, with which all rights can be processed on a global and server-specific view. In the Teamspeak overview itself, a live viewer is available with which users can be accessed dynamically. In addition to actions such as mass kicks, mass shifts, a channel backup or server backup can also be created, which can be imported again when the server is created later. It is even possible to use a copy of an existing one when creating a server. The project would never have come about without the following developers. Therefore we would like to thank the following developers:

First-Coder Teamspeak Control (comming soon)

First-Coder's Teamspeak Control will outperform First-Coder's web interface once again. With its features, it offers many more functions than any previous interface. Unlike normal web applications, Teamspeak Control is a standalone process that maintains a continuous connection to each registered Teamspeak³ server. It can thus react to all events and also carry out statistics and automated processes. In order not to give away the full range of functions, we will publish more information about Teamspeak Control later in the development process. However, we would like to thank the following developers without whom development would have been slower:

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