Who or what is First-Coder?

First-Coder is a study project, which is specialized to providing you various developments for free, what would cost normally a lot of money. Realized were a couple of different projects in completely different programming languages. A view projects in completely different programming languages would realize.

If you are interested and want to know more about our project, look down below the text and see all our projects and their development status.


If you like our projects and want to support our development, you can reach it by a donation.

This donation is voluntary and just to cover the arising expenses of actually and upcoming projects.

Teamspeak 3 Webinterface

The Teamspeak 3 web interface by First-Coder have a large scale of possibilities. You can manage Teamspeak-instances, server in detail. Also it provides basic options, for example to create or manage a Teamspeak Backup, Server bans or Tokens. To get an insight into this web interface please visit the producers page by clicking on the button.


The Webinterface is coded in HTML, PHP and JAVASCRIPT language. That makes the Webinterface flexible and elegant.
The Homepage updating itself non-stop, also when we use the PHP!


The Javascript libraries Ajax and jQuery are also integrated in the homepage. As a result it works resource-saving because it only loads the requested content.


Caused by the Bootstrap Framework the Homepage is on any Desktop, Tablet and Handy representable and because of the fast changing Stylesheets you can choose any design.


YouTube Application

Like all other products from Google, YouTube itself is not been represented on Windows 10 Mobile. There are currently no good realized YouTube Apps for free at the moment. This would be changed with the YouTube App from First-Coder.

At first we have other important projects, for example the Teamspeak 3 Webinterface from First-Coder, that must be finished.


The application for the Windows 10 Mobile applikation would be a Win 10 Universal App. Among other things you can easy use this application on a PC with Windows 10. The Windows 10 Universial App is programmed in C-Sharp (C#) exclusively.


The YouTube App should receive also a Chromecast support beside the normal functions. The developer "tapanila" made this possible, because he developed a SDK for Chromecast. Therefore we use the library SharpCaster to guarantee the Chromecast support.


At the end of the production, this application will cross-platform arranged with Xarmin. After that you can use this application not just on all Windows 10 forums, but also on android and apple.

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