Teamspeak³ Webinterface

First-Coder want to give you an alternative to current Teamspeak Interfaces. We know that much Interfaces for Teamspeak are existing, but these are for purchasing or just not finished developed. This Interface from First-Coder is an Open Source project and is published under GNU GPLv3.

Next to all known functions that Teamspeak bring with, has the First-Coder Interface much more extended functions. For example is an complete User Control Management System with Ticketsystem integrated. If you are Interested, you can get more informations here or can download the current Version here.

Programming languages

The Webinterface is coded in HTML, PHP and JAVASCRIPT language. That makes the Webinterface flexible and elegant.
The Homepage updating itself non-stop, also when we use the PHP!


The Javascript libraries Ajax and jQuery are also integrated in the homepage. As a result it works resource-saving because it only loads the requested content.


Caused by the Bootstrap Framework the Homepage is on any Desktop, Tablet and Handy representable and because of the fast changing Stylesheets you can choose any design.


The Demo is over reachable. The Loginname to login is That password for that user is Admin123. The Demo has no instances (no teamspeakservers) included, cause we currently haven't a free Teamspeakinstance.